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The IBK full student service

IBK offers to his partners a wide range of service, e.g.

  • preparatory courses to the DSH ("Deutsche Sprachpruefung fuer den Hochschulzugang"), the German University Language Entrance Exam, including the exam,
  • preparatory courses for the German university ("Studienkolleg") and the German University Assessment Test ("Feststellungspruefung"),
  • development and promotion of international programs in the field of higher education and training,
  • Bachelor's degree courses in 4 years of fulltime study, Master's degree courses in 2 years of fulltime study after the Bachelor's degree,
  • Certificate courses.

Furthermore we offer a complete and reliable service with accommodation, board, studies and exams as well as activities, excursions, counselling service and all necessary assistance in finding the right University in Germany.

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